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Its membership at inception was 20 corporate organizations as individuals are not allowed to be members. Like it is normal with free market practice, some members have come and others have gone.

At the moment, those who have established permanent interest in the business have remained in it through thick and thin including multinationals.

As of today, the membership has established over the past 7-8 years to about 120 corporate organizations.

The constitution provides for the following:

The National Headquarters shall remain in Akure as the leading Cocoa producing State in the Federation.

Membership spread of the Association consists of
1 Farmers
2 Cooperative Unions
3 Corporate trading companies which must be limited by shares
4 Processors of cocoa beans to cake, butter and liquor
5 Financial institution
6 Warehouse keepers
7 Research institution
8 Transport companies
9 Consultants
Each category has fixed representation on the council of CAN which from inception zoned the country into 5 zones viz:
1 Ondo/Ekiti States Zone
2 Oyo/Osun States Zone
3 Lagos/Ogun States Zone
4 Edo and the Eastern States Zone
5 Kwara/Kogi and the Northern States Zone