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President, Cocoa Association of Nigeria: Inaugurates Lagos Chapter Executives.
Posted on: October 21, 2013

In his mission to strengthen the cocoa value chain and bring all stakeholders towards achieving set goals and common objectives, the President, Cocoa Association of Nigeria, Sayina Riman recently inaugurated the Lagos State chapter executive of Cocoa Association of Nigeria.

The five man executive has Chief Oluwole Oginni as its chairman while Victor Achamba is the State Secretary.

The others are: Alhaji Adeniji Dimeji, and Alhaji Jubril as executives.

While speaking with Press men in Lagos after the inauguration, the Chairman, Chief Oluwole Oginni expresses his gratitude to the President of the association for his commitment and dedication in rebuilding a viral and focused umbrella body for the cocoa industry in Nigeria. He therefore promised to support his vision with all sincerity and dedication and to bring the leadership that Lagos needs given the important and strategic role it plays in the entire cocoa economy.

Chief Oginni also stresses the importance of the database of the President (Mr. Riman) in identifying true stakeholders of the value chain and pledge to mobilize support for its achievement.

He warned that all those who run to Abuja for selfish reasons in the name of Cocoa player should desist from it because the association will soon fish them out and possibly report them to law enforcement agents.

You will recall that the President has in the last one year been mobilizing and strengthening the association by his data collation which he believes is cardinal to identifying true stakeholders of the association. This includes identifying each player’s role in the value chain, location, and using the Global Positioning System (GPS) to confirming industry players. This in essence will eliminate those who wait for government programs and activities and usurp funding that is meant for the usage of the cocoa economy.

In his vote of thanks, the Secretary, Victor Achamba thanked the President and assured him of the State executive which he believes has a collective three hundred years’ experience in the Cocoa industry in Nigeria and globally. He opined that Lagos chapter will soon set the pace of excellence amongst cocoa states.